Annual McKenzie River Clean-up

The McKenzie Watershed Council, McKenzie River Guides Association, and McKenzie Flyfishers host and organize an annual river clean up to renew and preserve the beauty of the McKenzie River. We invite you to join us at Hendricks Bridge Park for this fun-filled annual family event. Then stay and enjoy food, prizes and more after the clean-up.

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Salmon Celebration



The Salmon Watch Lane County and the McKenzie Watershed Council celebrate the return of the salmon to our Northwest rivers at the annual Salmon Celebration. This salmon-focused event featured hands-on education, art, and entertainment for all ages.

In addition to salmon, the McKenzie River watershed provides sustenance for other fish, wildlife and plant species. We depend on these same waters to provide electricity for our homes, irrigation for our crops, fish for anglers and guide businesses, and a place for our families to play, picnic, camp, and hike. This event provided a variety of hands-on activities that give attendees the opportunity to discover and appreciate the complex river ecosystem and the significance of salmon to the people of the Northwest.

For over 20 years, students in Lane County have participated in Salmon Watch field trips, and we are excited to invite the community to participate in those same experiences at the Salmon Celebration. Volunteer educators will provide hands-on learning opportunities on topics including macroinvertebrate identification, water quality, riparian ecology, and the significance of salmon as a cultural icon of the Pacific Northwest.

Salmon Celebration is family-friendly, open to the public, and admission is free.

Click here for a look at last year’s event. 

For more information, please visit or contact Justin Demeter, McKenzie Watershed Council Education Coordinator at or (458) 201-8150.