Council Partners

2017 McKenzie Watershed Council Retreat - Council Partners group photo

The McKenzie Watershed Council was founded on the idea that the best way to make meaningful and long-lasting change within the river basin was to do so with the support of the community. Our Council Partners represent a variety community interests, from federal agencies to local residents.

Our current community partners include:

Carol Ach , Resident Partner

Diane Albino, Mohawk Watershed Partnership

Brian Brazil, International Paper

Bob Bumstead, McKenzie Flyfishers

Dana Burwell (Alternate For Steve Mealey), McKenzie River Guides Association

Lara Colley, Resident Partner

Darren Cross, McKenzie River Ranger District

Nate Day, McKenzie Schools

Arlene Dietz, Rice Family Farms

Daniel Dietz, (Alternate for Joe Moll), McKenzie River Trust

Lindsey Eichner, (Alternate for Keir Miller) Lane County

Rod Fosback, NW Steelheaders Association

Chad Helms (Alternate For Erik Petersen), Army Corps Of Engineers

Libby Morrison, Wildish

Ken Johnson (Alternate For Rod Fosback), NW Steelheaders Association

David Kretzing, Resident Partner

David Malone (Alt. for Brian Brazil), International Paper

Mike McDowell , Resident Partner

Andy McWilliams , Resident Partner

Will Rutherford (Alternative for Andy McWilliams), Resident Partner

Steve Mealey, McKenzie River Guides Association

Keir Miller, Lane County

Todd Miller (Alternate For Dave Ralston), City Of Springfield

Joe Moll, McKenzie River Trust

Karl Morgenstern, EWEB Staff

Ralph Perkins, Upper Willamette Soil & Water Conservation District

Erik Petersen, Army Corps Of Engineers

Dave Ralston, Springfield City Council

Steve Raymen, Resident Partner

Kelly Reis (Alternate For Jeff Ziller), Oregon Department Of Fish And Wildlife

Maryanne Reiter, Weyerhaeuser Company

Jeremy Romer, (alt. for Jeff Ziller)

Emily Semple, Eugene City Council

Mark Schulze, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest

Wade Stampe, Resident Partner

Mark Stephen (Alternate For Bill O’Sullivan), Bureau Of Land Management

Bill O’Sullivan, Bureau Of Land Management

Nancy Toth (Alternate For Karl Morgenstern), EWEB Staff

Sue Zeni, Resident Partner

Jeff Ziller, Oregon Department Of Fish & Wildlife