McKenzie Watershed Council Supports Social Justice 

The McKenzie Watershed Council recognizes the reality of modern-day systemic racism and the fact that U.S. society has largely failed to address or acknowledge a history that has created and maintained disparities and barriers that limit opportunities for certain groups of people based on race, culture, and other characteristics. 

For over 25-years, the Council has worked to ensure a sustainable watershed through stewardship of its natural resources with the understanding that nature knows no boundaries, and that we are all connected regardless of where we live. Our current programs, partnerships, and funding priorities are however constructs of the society in which they were developed and reflect systemic elements of power and privilege. More can be done to help ensure the fundamental human rights of clean water and healthy habitats for all.  

It is in that spirit that we affirm our commitment to the community and stand in support of the social justice movement lead by Black Lives Matter. We commit to continuing to listen, learn, and grow with our community. We will do this with a deliberate focus on equitable treatment, access, and opportunity for all residents of the McKenzie watershed. The river links us all.