Our Mission & Vision

The McKenzie Watershed Council is a group of volunteers representing the diverse stakeholders and interests in the watershed. We call Council members Partners. Currently, there are 28 Partners representing communities, commercial and recreational interests, schools, utilities, conservation organizations, and local, state and federal government entities. Commercial interests include agriculture, forestry, and the sand-and-gravel industry.


The McKenzie Watershed Council provides a framework for voluntary coordination and cooperation towards exceptional water quality and habitats in balance with human livelihood and quality of life in the McKenzie Watershed. The Council works collaboratively with communities and key interests to develop and carry out protection, restoration, education, and community engagement activities to ensure sustainable watershed health, functions, and uses.

Role of the Council

The Council is a non-regulatory advisory body, that makes recommendations concerning the protection, restoration, and enhancement of the McKenzie Watershed. The Council welcomes requests for advice on actions affecting the watershed that are proposed by local, state, and federal agencies, organizations, and/or interests. 

The Council meets on the second Thursday of the month, except for July and August. All meetings are open to the public, and the public is encouraged to attend and participate. Monthly Council meetings provide a forum to address important issues affecting the watershed, exchange information, improve communication and provide oversight on restoration, education and outreach projects. The Council strives to achieve consensus on all actions.

We work primarily with private landowners on a voluntary basis to conserve and restore riparian and aquatic habitat, cooperate with partners to monitor and maintain water quality, implement watershed education programs, focus outreach to residents and provide a monthly forum for addressing important issues.