The Pure Water Partners Program

Pure Water Partners

The Pure Water Partners (PWP) program is an initiative designed to reward McKenzie landowners who protect high-quality land along the river, assisting EWEB in protecting water quality and helping to avoid future water treatment costs.

The PWP also provides technical assistance for landowners who need restoration work on their properties, including fuels reduction, invasive vegetation removal, erosion issues, revegetation, Naturescaping and Firewise practices, and wetland, riparian and floodplain restoration.

Following the devastating Holiday Farm Fire that tore through communities in the McKenzie River Valley in September 2020, we have been fortunate to receive support from federal, state, and local funders, including the Eugene Water & Electric Board, to restore the fire-effected properties and natural areas where Oregonians live, work, and play. Through responsive property assessments and active restoration work, together we have overcome many of the watershed challenges faced after the fire, and engaged over 200 landowners.

While our success in this work has been vital to both recovery and morale, the extent of the fire has left many McKenzie residents still struggling to find long-term shelter while comprehending how to rebuild their homes and livelihoods. In response to this, we are asking you to support your neighbors and the communities in the McKenzie River Valley who are still working to recover by donating to the McKenzie Watershed Alliance, the fiscal sponsor of the McKenzie Watershed Council. Funds will be used by McKenzie Valley Long-Term Recovery Group and other restoration and recovery groups providing financial relief and rebuilding communities affected by the Holiday Farm Fire.

Click here to visit EWEB for more information about the Pure Water Partners Program.

The McKenzie Watershed Council

McKenzie Watershed Council

We rely on the support of people like you to provide the critical funding we need to provide meaningful and dynamic environmental education to the next generation of environmental stewards.

We owe our successes to the generosity and commitment of our donors.

Each year we must raise $50,000 to run our local Salmon Watch program. This money is used for equipment, bus transportation for students, substitute teachers which allow teachers to accompany their students, coordination and operation expenses. Your contribution to the McKenzie Watershed Alliance which serves as the fiscal agent for the McKenzie Watershed Council, and is a registered 501(c)3 organization, will allow us to continue providing high-quality environmental education to students. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


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