First Annual WATERS Conference

The first annual student-led WATERS conference was held on May 31, 2018, at the Bob Keefer Center in Springfield. Over 100 students from Marcola, McKenzie, Oakridge, South Lane, and Springfield School Districts participated in the event. There were seven presentations, five posters presented during the poster session, and an art exhibit featuring traditional block printing. 

Student presentations included: 

Lower Deer Creek Pre-Project Assessment and Analysis
Gwynneth Slater, Springfield High School

Boulder Weir Analysis in North Fork Gate Creek
Hunter Putzier and Jason White, Thurston High School

Water Quality in the Springfield Mill Race
Springfield High School Water Quality Team

Jasper Slough Water Quality Analysis
Agnes Stuart Middle School Science Students

A Long-Term Study of Water Quality in Cedar Creek
Austin Ackerson, Thurston High School

2017-2018 South Fork McKenzie Water Quality
Thurston High School Water Quality Team


Analysis of Arsenic Levels
Thurston High School Well Testing Team

Habitat Restoration & GIS Analysis of a Salmon Stream: North Fork Gate Creek
Springfield High School Habitat Team

Habitat Assessment & GIS Analysis of a Western Cascades Stream: Gate Creek
Thurston High School Habitat Team

Mohawk River Water Ecology
Mohawk High School Water Quality Team

Upper McKenzie River Water Quality
McKenzie High School Water Quality Team